Saturday, May 11, 2013

Moving to Tumblr

Hello.... we're officially moving to Tumblr.  You can find us at:  Thanks for joining us thus far.  Hope you come join us again!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Time!

It's April and more than technically spring.  It's been a strange year for weather as it always is.  It's April but temperatures are still somewhat cool some days.  Nevertheless, I have planted my crops for the year.  This year my variety of container plants include: eggplant, jalapeno, some yellow santa fe pepper, thai basil, sweet basil, okra, red bell pepper, and yellow bell pepper.  And how could I forget: tomatoes.  Let's see how we do this season!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This little boy is ridiculous.  We got a pair of sunglasses from a friend of ours and decided to use it today since it was soooo beautiful out.  We put the shades on JD, and he LOVED it.  So stinking cute.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


You've probably all heard about the flu epidemic.  Well, my house has been sick off and on for probably the last month with the cold or something like that.  Luckily, JD hadn't caught any of it... until now!  It started off with a cough which got a little worse.  I mentioned the cough to the doc at his 4 month appt.  Well, it got worse so we took him in again a week later.  They confirmed it was not the flu nor was it the RSV virus.  It's pretty much a cold that we have to wait out.  Don't tell that to JD...  he's been pretty miserable with a nagging cough and what sounds like a sore throat.  Therefore, he has not been sleeping and thus his parents have not been sleeping neither!  I bet he did this to teach us a lesson about complaining about his 1am feeding!  I guess I won't complain about those anymore!  As of today, he seems to be coughing up the drainage and other crap which I guess is a good sign.  We're just waiting for his voice to return to normal, eating back to normal, and of course sleeping back to normal!  So keep all your kids safe by keeping them away from other sick kids and adults!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

2nd Week of School

JD has now completed 2 weeks of daycare.  The daycare he's at has video monitors for us to be able to view him if we want to.  I probably log in once a day if I remember to.  He always seems to be enjoying himself so much.  He gets a daily report card which tells me he doesn't seem to sleep very much at school.  I guess this means he's playing???  Well once he gets home, we play with him and feed him, and he's pretty much tired at 7pm!  Be it good or bad, I don't know!

I definitely see how hectic life becomes when you have 2 people working and trying not to eat out every meal.  This only causes me to have to plan my week and meals out in even more detail than I've ever done before.  And if you know me, I have always planned my meals out!

I think we're going to try some crock pot ribs this week.  I'll let you know how those turn out!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

This Christmas, hubby decorated our big tree and didn't even put out any of his superhero decorations!  I guess that's appropriate since we have a little boy now? 

We did decide that we should look for a small tree that JD can decorate with the superhero ornaments for next year.  Luckily, I saw that Hobby Lobby was having a 66% off sale on Christmas trees so hubby went by on Christmas Eve and got JD this tree below which hubby went ahead and decorated with his superhero ornaments!

We weren't sure if we wanted to get Santa pictures this year since he's so young and has no clue who or what Santa is.  We happen to run across one that didn't seem to require us standing in line for 4 hours, so we said 'why not?'  Santa looks awesome, doesn't he?

Lastly, JD has been wearing every holiday outfit he has for a few days now.  Below is a quite notably cute one.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Hobby - Sewing

During my maternity leave, I rediscovered sewing.  When I had time to do this, I have no idea.  I think I really just got my interest back into and spent time (and money) buying lots of fabric.  I don't remember what age I was when my mom taught me how to do basic (very basic) sewing.  I remember sewing a little pair of (green?) shorts for my younger sisters.  They wore it... like once!  I bought my first sewing machine when I was like 23years old when most people my age were blowing $100 on  booze on a Friday night!

Recently, my hubby wanted to do something nice for his partner teacher and the student teacher.  I suggested cute tote bags.  If anyone knows me well, they know I love bags of all kinds.  Now I can try to make my own bags!  So I made my first 2 official tote bags.  There a ton of free patterns out on the internet.  I used this pattern to make mine:

The only difference was that I did some extra securing of the handles since I wanted my tote bags to be able to carry things like laptops.

Here are pictures of the 2 tote bags I made.  They are reversible, but I didn't take a picture of the inside of it.  =/

I forgot to mention that I have gone back to work since my last post over a month ago!  Needless to say, I have even less time now!